An ancient Eastern legend tells that the koi fish, which could swim against the flow of the Huang Ho River, jumping cascades and facing a difficult journey, when reaching the top became a powerful dragon.

You know where you want to go, you just have to face the rapids.

Our Sakes

Sake Thikará is a premium drink produced with imported ingredients and the highest quality water. Its type is honjozo with alcohol content of 14%.

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Our products

Thikará sake is an exceptional drink that can be consumed hot, cold, at room temperature or mixed with fruits. Our sakes provide varied pleasures. See which one matches more with what you are looking for and kampai.

Bottle 745ml

The quality already known by the public with an even more sophisticated, present and engaging flavor.

Thikará Gold can be enjoyed pure or mixed with fruits.

Bottle 745ml

A smooth sake with a fruity aroma. Ideal for the preparation of cocktails, it can be consumed with fruits and juices.

Taste and quality with the best cost-benefit option.

Bottle 745ml

Ryuujiin Black Sake is a Junmai-type sake, that is, produced using 100% of the alcohol extracted from rice, without adding alcohol.

It is a full-bodied sake and the presence on the palate is more pronounced, so it should be enjoyed pure. Harmonizes with foods with strong and seasoned flavors. 14% alcohol content. Awarded Sake at the Great International Sake Competition in the USA and London Sake Challenge both in 2020.

Thikará Bag in box 5lts

The first and only Brazilian Premium Sake in Bag-in-Box packaging.


  • Keeps the unimpaired taste of Sake even after opening;
  • Economical packaging;
  • Convenience – lightweight to carry and does not break;
  • Higher volume in smaller space;
  • The box keeps the sake cold for longer;
  • Disposable and hygienic.


Discover the new product of Thikará, the Culinary Sake Bag in Box. For sure the most practical way to store and use a sake specially prepared for the gastronomy with the quality and the flavor that only Thikará can provide.